34 Weeks Pregnant Signs of Labor-What You Should Expect

34 weeks pregnant signs of laborIt is better to have labor after 38 or 39 weeks. If you are a pregnant woman then you may expect early labor and want your baby that time, but you should think about your baby first and the proper delivery of your baby. If you want such thing, then labor after 38 weeks will be good for both of you and your baby. Some of the pregnant women facing 34 weeks pregnant signs of labor and it is so early. Now we are going to talk about the preterm labor, it can happen at 34 weeks too. We are also going to have some suggestion about it and the effect of it.

What naturally happens in 34 weeks?

At this 34 weeks’ time the pregnant woman must get some false labor contraction and it is going to be stronger than before. Actually, it is really meant your labor is going to begin and you need to be prepared for it. You should keep in mind that your baby is going to be full term and it is really prepared for the delivery. At this time, sometimes the pregnant woman feels insecure and her husband should fill up her mind and need to do some task which makes him more reliable. We are talking about giving her some company and also take her on a date. Giving her company is an important issue when 34 weeks pregnant signs of labor is present.

Expectation – 34 weeks pregnant signs of labor 

When a pregnant woman reaches this step, she must be in fear but she should know about the things will be happening in this course of time. She may have more weight than what she has before. At this time there will be added 25 or 26 pound weight. It will be more if the pregnancy is multiple. The inside space will be reduced as the baby grown up. Baby will be moving less than before as it grows bigger than what it before. It is very common for 34 weeks pregnant sings of labor. 

Development of fetal

Sometimes the baby is not in proper position. The doctors will see how the baby is at that time, where its head is and where it down is. If it will be a vaginal delivery then the doctors rotate the baby and put him in proper position. He will be taller and has some more weight too, and its skeleton is going to be hardened.

Some important symptoms should know

We already told you that you will face some symptoms in this 34 weeks of pregnant sings of labor. Some of the symptoms can be easily known, but some symptoms will be complicated to know and here we are going to talk about those.

The pregnant woman will feel tired at any time. It has happened because she added more weight in 34 weeks. It is really unpleasant than the heartburn and urination which will happen frequently. So she needs more sleep at this time. Everyone should take care about this.

Sometimes she will feel pain in her back. It has happened because she has some extra weight in her uterus and it adds some pressure on her back.

The pregnant woman will face some pressure on her pelvic. Descended into the pelvis because of a baby and it is the reason of it.

She can easily take a breath and feel good in here. Her lungs are not compressed at this time because the baby descends into the pelvis.

Avoided things

The pregnant woman should avoid some things which are really important in this time. She should not keep busy with her work. She already feels the extra weight on her. She should leave some habit if she is involved with those. We are talking about smoking, alcohol using and these types of things.

One thing is important to know than extra weight is good for this time and do not worry about it as you will be completely perfect after the delivery and do not be in the underweight.

It is really helpful to maintain a proper pregnancy time in 34 weeks. But what is needed to know about 35 weeks pregnant signs of labor and also for the 36 weeks pregnant signs of labor. We will talk about those lately.