36 Weeks Pregnant Sings of Labor-What You Expect

36 weeks pregnant signs of laborPregnancy is the most wanted wish for a woman. Every woman loves to be a mother, but they need to pass a long time for this. Sometimes the delivery date is early like 34 weeks or 36 weeks, but the proper time to have labor is after 36 weeks. But it is not a great problem to show the sign of labor at 36 weeks. Here we are going to discuss about the 36 weeks pregnant signs of labor.

When a pregnant woman reaches in 36 weeks of pregnancy she should know that she is getting so close to the delivery date. You are really excited to see your little baby and want to deliver him. But the fact is they do not know when the actual time to happen it. The main thing is up to the uterus contraction for the 36 weeks pregnant signs of labor.

Here some sign of labor at 36 weeks of pregnancy…


Sometimes the pregnant woman has nesting before the actual labor. In the time the woman feel heavy in her pelvic. They should prepare for the nest of the baby.

Lightening feeling

When the baby dropped to the pelvic, the woman feel lightening and clear sometimes but sometimes that woman may not notice this thing at all. This feeling can take a week or more time before her labor is beginning.


You may already know that cramp is one kind of sign of your labor. Sometimes you feel crammed in your leg and have the ache in your back, this may have for the labor. In this time the baby will start keep pressuring on your nerves. For this the pregnant woman feels cramped in her legs.

Mucus plug while 36 weeks pregnant sings of labor

The losing mucus plug is one kind of sign of labor in this time of pregnancy. Some of the women already lose her mucus plug at this time, but some woman feel in lately.

Bloody show

When you see your bloody show in this time, you may have ensured that you will see the labor in a couple of days. It is one of the main signs of labor.

Stabbing sensation in your cervix

When you feel the stabbing feeling in your cervix, then you may come to an end of the confusion of your labor. These kinds of sensation like poking are happening to some woman who is reached to the labor.

Braxton hicks

Sometimes there have a chance to happen the Braxton hicks and it is kind of a sign of your labor in this week.

Cervical condition

As you are going to deliver the baby soon then you should be concerned about your cervical condition. Your cervix is going to be thinner and dilates. You should examine your cervix by your physician at this time. Seriously these dilates is really a good sign of labor in the 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Baby engaged in the pelvis

In the end of this week your baby is going to engage to your pelvis and this thing happens when you are ready to have your labor.

What to do?

If you concern about the early sign of labor, I mean if you are worry about having labor in the 36 weeks then I can tell you one thing that do not take much tension because it is happening to most of the woman. You just need to take more rest and do not engage in any kind of heavy task. You need to keep examine you by a doctor and should maintain in his suggestion. You should drink more water because it will help you to remove your tiredness and any kind of stress.

Do not worry about early sign of labor. It is not so bad to have labor in this time. Be prepared for delivery. You will see your baby soon.