37 Weeks Pregnant Signs of Labor – Symptoms

37 Weeks Pregnant Signs of LaborEvery pregnant woman always eagerly waits for the delivery moment and wants to see her baby in her hand. Sometimes the most wanted time come before the proper time which is known as preterm. Most of the woman wants to have the delivery soon but nobody wants it in preterm. Actually it is really safe to deliver the baby in proper time. Here the proper time means at 40 to 41 weeks and preterm means 37 weeks to 38 weeks and likewise. Now we are going to discuss about the preterm labor and delivery date. What is happen and what kind of sign you may see in this time? Let’s see how could we help you and let you know about those sign of labor.

When you are expecting a preterm labor then there have some sign of your labor in the 37th week of your pregnancy. Let’s see what those signs of labor are.

Baby movement

As you already feel your baby movement in belly, you may know his presence. But his movement is reducing when the time is passing. When your baby movement is getting lower in the belly of yours then there has an expectation of labor. It is happen as the baby getting bigger than before and it dropped to the lower part.

Baby dropped to pelvic

As the baby getting bigger and his movement getting slower, then the baby is dropped to the pelvic. The pregnant woman feels pressure in her pelvic because of the baby. If you feel such pressure in this week then you should be prepare for the labor.

What is about mucus plug/bloody show?

It is not necessary to describe the bloody show or mucus plug to a woman. When your fluid or blood which is coming from your vagina is getting thick or the bloody show getting slight, then it is one kind of sign of your labor in this week.


You will feel lower cramping in abdominal then you should know that your labor is getting closer.

Discomfort feeling at lower back

You will feel discomfort and pain in your back. Actually it is happening in your lower back portion. This is one of the sign of labor.

Uterus tighten

As the baby is dropped to the lower part and it keep pressuring your pelvic then you have some pressure in there and your uterus too and your uterus is getting tighten.  In the first time you will feel it mildly but after couple of day your pain is getting more. This is one of the important sign of your labor.

Contractions condition

You need to find out the true labor contraction if you have any confusion of your labor in this week. Your contraction will come in every minute and it will happen frequently. It will not get away easily and it does not take any rest. It will come frequently and usually go in minute. When the time is passing your contraction is getting stronger than before. If it is a false labor contraction then it will not so strong but for the true labor contraction it will happen frequently and stronger. This contraction sign is the most important sign of labor.

What should you do in this time?

If you already face these things then you should be prepared for the upcoming. You should have examined by your doctor every day. You need to drink more water than what you drink before. Walking a lot can help here. Take more rest how much you can, as it will reduce your back pain. But remember one thing; do not engage with heavy task. Your husband should be more careful and friendly to you. He need to give you company all the time.

You need to be careful in every step. You need to check the false and true labor first then go for the next step. You should take every step wisely as you passed the most important time of your life.