40 Weeks Pregnant Lost Mucus Plug – Close to Labor?

40 Weeks Pregnant Lost Mucus PlugThere is a lot of confusion among pregnant future mothers, when it comes to the role of the mucus plug. If you are 40 weeks pregnant and lost mucus plug, this fact is not as exciting as you might believe it. The mucus plug is formed in the 7th week of pregnancy and has the main role of protecting your baby against bacteria and any other infections during the 9 months of pregnancy, while he is in your tummy. Its appearance can have various colors, like green, dark brown or in combination with blood.

The process of losing mucus plug

It is possible to lose mucus plug in two ways: all at once or gradually. Here is the point where comes most of the confusion. Some pregnant women start to gradually lose mucus plug and this is what makes them believe that they are close to labor. By the way, if you are 40 weeks pregnant and lost mucus plug didn`t happen yet, it is advised to contact your doctor for solving this issue. In some cases, it is even better to turn to the support of your doctor, if you are in week 39 of pregnancy and haven`t lost mucus plug yet.

When cervix is dilating, it actually represents the reason why a pregnant woman loses her mucus plug. Together with this, the pregnant woman can get prepared because she needs to know that she is close to the beginning of labor as well. The cervix gets open and this is the reason why mucus plug gets eliminated through the vagina; in this situation, there is nothing left to do. However, when pregnant women lose their mucus plug gradually, it is considered that they have a normal and gradual pregnancy. In this situation, mucus plug gets eliminated in smaller doses. 40 weeks pregnant lost mucus plug should be checked by the doctor carefully before any decision.

What do if you are 40 weeks pregnant lost mucus plug?

If you see discharge, you need to make sure that it is mucus plug for sure. It is a normal phenomenon to start losing normal pregnancy discharge at the end of your pregnancy, but that is not the mucus plug. If your mucus plug gets eliminated before your 37th week of pregnancy, you don`t have to panic, but must immediately inform your doctors or healthcare provider who needs to make sure that this doesn`t mean early labor; this could represent a certain risk to your baby. However, if you are over 37 weeks, then everything is fine; you are close to holding your little one in your arms!

Labor after mucus plug loss. When it begins?

Most of the pregnant women believe that labor begins immediately after losing mucus plug, but in reality, this is not necessarily true. There is no prompt answer to this million dollar question. However, labor might begin for several women shortly after losing mucus plug, but for others, labor didn`t begin even after several weeks of losing it. The best thing is to talk to your doctor or healthcare provider, if you believe that you in 40 weeks pregnant lost mucus plug, and see what the next things are that need to be done.