Bleeding After Sex During PregnancyBleeding after sex during pregnancy is definitely something that makes you feel nervous. However, there is no need to panic because chances to hurt your baby during sexual intercourse are at the minimum ranges. Your baby sits in the uterus that is situated above the vaginal cavity, so it is really not the case to become worried. However, there are situations when you are allowed to become really concerned if you are bleeding after sex while still being pregnant. The relevant situations that could make you feel nervous are possible to prevent at the same time.

Why does bleeding after sex during pregnancy take place?

If you want to find out what is the reason why bleeding after sex during pregnancy is taking place, here is the answer. Bleeding after sex is not the sign of miscarriage. However, in case that you have already undergone a miscarriage, your health care provider might recommend you to avoid sexual intercourse in the first trimester of pregnancy. The main reason why bleeding after sex takes place during pregnancy is the excessive blood supply around the cervical and vaginal region. There are numerous blood vessels around the cervix (their number increases during pregnancy) and they rupture and result in slight blood loss.

Bleeding after sex during pregnancy might also happen when your sexual intercourses are more vigorous or rougher than they normally are. It is recommended that your sexual intercourses are very gentle during your pregnancy. Bleeding after sex in the second and third trimester of pregnancy is a common thing in women. However, if bleeding is slight and if bleeding is not accompanied by cramping, there is no reason to be concerned. Whenever you feel that you`re not sure about what`s actually happening, the best thing is to consult your doctor or healthcare provider immediately.

How to prevent bleeding after sex during pregnancy?

Even if it is slight, you definitely want to learn how to avoid bleeding after sex during pregnancy. Try sexual positions that put less pressure on your uterus and be gentle all the time! Some women might wish to totally avoid sexual intercourses during pregnancy which is a good thing for avoiding bleeding during pregnancy. These women may wish to experience other forms of intimacy with their partners, such as relaxing showers, cuddling or pleasant massage. The best idea is to talk to your partner about your preferences and establish together if you continue with sexual intercourses during your pregnancy or not.

On the contrary, when bleeding after sex during pregnancy becomes serious, you need to notice the color of the blood that you lose (brown, pink or red) and wear a pad in the same time so that you could keep track of the amount of blood that you lose. In this situation, urgent medical intervention is needed. You need to take your blood tissue to your doctor for being tested. When bleeding is serious, your health care provider might ask you to undergo certain procedures that could determine the cause of your harsh bleeding. The most common procedure recommended by doctors in this situation is the ultrasound method.