12 Early Signs of Pregnancy:

Early Signs of PregnancyMost expecting women (even before they know it) will have a variety of new, unusual feelings. These unusual feelings are early signs of pregnancy that indicate a woman might be pregnant. Though, not all women experience the same kind of feelings. After all, every woman is different physically, mentally and emotionally.

If a woman is experiencing unusual feelings, and suspects that she is pregnant, she can of course take a pregnancy test. But before that, a little research here and there would certainly help. Taking an ‘early signs of pregnancy quiz’ will help out as well.

So, are you wondering that you might be pregnant? Well, the earliest signs of pregnancy can emerge within the first few weeks after conception. There are a few questions below on early signs of pregnancy, which will definitely help you clarify your doubt.

1. Does your breasts feel extra tender, and are a little swollen?

Breasts tend to feel extra tender during pregnancy because of the rising levels of the hormone ‘progesterone’. Breasts swell because during pregnancy a woman’s body tends to keep more water in itself.

2. Do you tend to feel unusually lethargic these days?

The extra ‘progesterone’ in a woman’s body will cause tiredness.

3. Did you miss your period?

A missed period is one of the definite signs of a woman being pregnant.

4. Are you experiencing nausea?

Nausea, or commonly known as ‘morning sickness’ (which doesn’t come in the mornings only) is one of the very early signs of pregnancy.

5. Do you experience unusually frequent headaches?

Headaches during pregnancy are usually caused by hormonal changes.

6. Do you feel dizzy at times?

During the early stage of pregnancy, a woman’s blood pressure level will slightly drop due to hormonal changes, causing dizziness.

7. Do you find yourself craving for food more often than usual?

When a woman is pregnant, her body needs to work extra harder to provide sufficiently for a growing baby, and therefore she has to eat a lot.

8. Is your sense of smell getting extensively good?

Having a liking for some smell and totally disliking others is one of the early signs of pregnancy.

9. Do you find yourself needing to urinate more often?

When a woman is pregnant, her uterus presses her bladder causing her to urinate more often.

10. Are you experiencing mood swings?

Most women experience mood swings during early stages and throughout their pregnancies because of the different stages of hormonal changes taking place in women’s body.

11. Are you experiencing shortness of breath?

Pregnant women experience shortness of breaths because the body needs to provide sufficient amount of oxygen to the growing baby, causing women to inhale increased amount of air. This is one of the common early signs of pregnancy.

12. Do you have extraordinarily glowing complexion?

The extraordinarily glowing complexion on a pregnant woman is derived from the increased amount of oils during hormonal changes. Many people believe that a glowing complexion indicates that the mother is expecting a baby girl and the opposite, if she’s expecting a baby boy.

If your answer was yes to most of the questions above, then you are definitely expecting a baby. However, to be precisely sure about the pregnancy you should go to the doctor for a pregnancy test.