How Long should you Wait for Sex after BirthWhen you are close to giving birth to your baby, you are definitely interested to find out how long should you wait for sex after birth. Every woman knows well that frequent bleeding takes place after giving birth to their babies. The earliest when you can have sex after birth is the moment when you notice that all bleeding has entirely stopped. Bleeding should usually stop three weeks after giving birth to your baby. This phenomenon takes place because the remaining wound in your uterus is still under the process of healing.

Having sex before bleeding stops makes you predisposed to a lot of infections. Every woman feels different about having sex the earliest, after giving birth to her baby. The truth is that most of the women have low sex drive after pregnancy. When you want to find out how long should you wait for sex after birth, have your first sexual intercourse once you feel that you are both emotionally and physically ready for this. It is considered that a small number of couples start to have sex within one month after birth. However, most of the couples wait to pass at least 6 weeks after their baby was born.

In rare situations, some couples wait for three months for the first sexual intercourse following the birth of their baby and in even rarer cases some couples wait for 6 months to pass. When it comes to discovering how long should you wait for sex after birth, if you both feel that you are ready to have sex once 6 weeks have passed, you are encouraged to do so. It is highly recommended to have the first sexual intercourse before the postnatal check because if there are any problems arising during the intercourse, you can share this experience with your healthcare provider at your postnatal meeting.

If you already established together how long should you wait for sex after birth, you must consider taking contraception pills before your sexual intercourse. Even if your periods didn`t come back yet and you are still breastfeeding, you can easily get pregnant again. Whenever you feel that you are still not ready for sex after birth, try to stay physically close and remain gentle to each other! Even if you are very busy with your little baby and everything seems to require too much of your efforts, try to physically stay close to each other and support your partner as much as possible. Having the first sexual intercourse, this will become like a natural progression for both of you.

What about having sex after abortion?

Medical abortion is a procedure that unfortunately can`t be avoided by some women because of certain circumstances (medical or personal) and women can`t have sex after abortion for a few weeks. Once women have undergone the unpleasant procedure of medical abortion, they used to have bleedings for two weeks after or even more, in some situations. It is recommended to wait for at least two weeks for your first sexual intercourse after abortion.