Amazing 5 Steps on How to Apply Eye Makeup:

How to Apply Eye MakeupMost women never leave the house without a little make up; even if it just a simple stroke of an eye-liner. But, getting the perfectly done eye makeup is often a tricky thing. That’s why women look for how to apply eye makeup. However, there are a few steps one can take to make it perfect.

The basic necessities for eye makeup are eye shadows (a variety of colors), eye-liners, mascara and concealer.

Step 1 – Cleaning

Prior to putting on any makeup, it is important to clean your face thoroughly. Washing your face with some face-soap n cold water would be good. Wash to remove any residue from a previous makeup. Then, wipe your face well with a dry towel. You could use a cotton bud to wipe the tip of your eyelids, to completely remove water. Note that, if there is water on your eye lids, the eye shadow will not be able to stick to your eyelids, and the makeup will look messy.

Step 2- Applying the Concealer

After you’re done with the thorough cleaning, the next step would be to apply the concealer. A concealer is a skin colored powder (sometimes in liquid or paste form) used to cover marks or discolorations on the face.

Before you start with the makeup, make sure the fan or the air-conditioning in the room is turned on. You don’t want to sweat while putting makeup on. Then, take a makeup sponge and adding a little concealer to it, dab it around the area of your eyes (top eye lids, and the dark circle areas). Make sure the concealer is applied evenly, leaving no uneven spots. You can even use the concealer to conceal pimple scars as well.

Step 3 – Applying the Eye Shadows

This is an important part of “how to apply eye makeup”. Eye shadows come in a wide variety of colors. Thus, choose the right color that suits your eyes. Colors can vary depending on the occasion. If you’re just getting ready for office, light natural colors will do. On the other hand, if you’re getting ready for a special occasion like weddings and birthdays, you could use brighter colors.

Eye make up for brown eyes will look good if neutral colors are used; light peach, light brown and maybe a little darker brown. The idea here is to highlight your eyes. To look stunning, your eye makeup should not overpower your eyes. So, take the eye shadow brush, and apply the colors onto your upper eye lids. Use only single strokes. If you are using three different colors, the darkest of the three should be applied near the eyelashes, moving further with the other two colors. Make sure to apply them evenly. 

Step 4 – Applying the Eye Liner

The eye liner should be applied AFTER the eye shadows. By doing this, you will not have to deal with smudges.

Close one eye, and apply the eye liner onto the closed eye lid. Use firm strokes, starting from the inner side (near your nose) while moving outwards. This may be difficult at first, but with practice it will turn out right.

Step 5 – Applying the Mascara

This is the final step on how to apply eye makeup. The last step would be to apply the mascara. When you apply the mascara, make it a point to only use a little. Too much mascara will clump you eye lashes. Apply the mascara at the root area only. Don’t cover the whole eye lash with mascara; leave the tips natural. 

Good makeup is definitely not an easy thing, but with practice and patience everyone will be able to do it.