How to Last Longer in Bed-Must Read

How to Last Longer in BedThis article is for men but women also need to know this. Most of the men feel insecure about some things. Penis size is one of them. Does she like it or reject it? Another concern thing is about sex. Does she get satisfied while sex with you or can you pass enough time to make her satisfied in bed? Yeah, actually these are concerned matter in your life, in fact at the beginning time. So here we are going to discuss about how to last longer in bed and how could you make her satisfied.

You may be wanting to do a task in fastest way, but when you are with her, you want to do it slowly. But sometimes things happen unexpectedly and you can’t pass more time. Here you can get some of the most important tips about how to last longer in bed. Let’s see how we could help you.

Breathing control and relaxation

Premature ejaculation is one kind of physical matter. You just need to prepare before sex and get relaxed. When you are nearest to her just take some breath and keep confidence on you. Self-respect and your positive attitude can lead you in perfection.

Practicing with yourself while you get time

Here we are talking about masturbation. It is kind of natural and also healthy way. If you can do it properly, it helps you in building your stamina. The most important thing is it helps in preventing premature ejaculation.

Make a regular partner for sex

When you are with a new person, you cannot be mentally prepared in everything. But when the person is known to you, it helps you to increase your confidence and stability. So it is better to be in a relationship or have a regular sex partner. When this happens, you will see your performance in bed is really good and you are satisfied in every way.

Body control and sexual responsiveness

When you are doing sex with her, you need to make sure in every aspect. You need to control your body movement and make sure your body can cope with it. If your body can’t allow more, you need to first make your body to do in its way.

Use proper condom

Yeah, there have so many condoms in the market. They have a verity in various ways. Some condom may suit you, some are not. So you need to make sure which condom is perfect for you and obviously your partner. Oh, there is one thing to remember, choose that condom, which help you in lasting longer in bed.

What about medicine and drugs

You need to control those habits of taking drugs or alcohol and also keep away of smoking. But some kind of sprays and cream, which you can use in your skin can help you in your aspect so that your partner gets attached to you easily.


Never have a decision to skip the foreplay. This is the most important thing while you are going to do sex. It increases the excitement and helps you to have more time with her. While you are kissing her, cuddling her and play with her body like one play to another, it will help you and also your partner towards of a perfect sex. You need to spend more time here so that upcoming moment will be in your expectation.

Put into action

You need to know her excitement level. Never waste your time when she is in her higher level. If you can make her in higher level and do it in right time, everything is possible you wanted. It is a big issue of how to last longer in bed.


Positioning is so much important in sex. Some like one kind of position, but some like the others. So you need to know her favorite position first or you need to discover it. When you are in her favorite position, you will see you can go more time than you expected. You need to change your position because it helps her to fill in every way.

Cool down and control her

When you can make her in control, you can get the most wanted pleasure with her and be the happiest one. So make her cool when it’s time.

When somebody called you one minute man, it is really hard to take that. But you should know that about 45% people cannot hold longer in bed. This is why you need some tips on how to last longer in bed.