Low Sex Drive After Pregnancy – Is It Normal?

Low Sex Drive After PregnancyEvery woman’s experiences are different when it comes to pregnancy, and there is a long road for ladies to learn more about themselves and their body response while adjusting to the new situation.

Pregnancy and period after delivery have huge impact on women, both physically and mentally.  Amongst all, hormones are going wild, and there is no way you can predict how you’ll feel until you are there.  The truth is that your sex life will also change, during pregnancy and after it, and there is not a lot that you can do about it.

The most frequent questions are if bleeding after sex during pregnancy and low sex drive after pregnancy is normal. Let’s talk about it!

Sex during and sex after pregnancy

It depends on the woman how she will feel about being intimate with her partner during pregnancy. For some, desire fades and for others sex is a normal part of pregnancy or they even feel more aroused when they’re pregnant. As many feel uncomfortable with their body changing, many women gain more sexual self-esteem and big boobs that are going together with pregnancy can only help with that.

Many couples give up on being intimate as they are scared of bleeding after sex during pregnancy, which is not really a bad sign (unless it occurs often). You can’t really hurt the baby with having an intercourse, but the fear is hard to shake off especially if the baby on the road is your first one.

After having a baby new changes may come your way together with low sex drive after pregnancy. Sex after pregnancy is generally safe after your body have fully healed, which usually takes several weeks. However, it doesn’t mean that you are really ready.

Is low sex drive after pregnancy normal?

The answer is yes, low sex drive after pregnancy is normal and this feeling can last for months. There are number of factors why sex can be so low on your lists of priorities when you become a mom.

First, the fact is that new babies demand a lot of attention, which results a fatigue both emotional and physical. When you finally have some time to yourself, sex will not be the first thing on your mind.

Second, your body needs healing from delivery and hormonal shifts that can really push you of your balance. Your body has been through many changes, and stress and worry can really set you off the mood, and don’t forget the big sore boobs from breastfeeding!

Thirds, many women need time to regain their sexual self-esteem to feel desirable again. Your body is different than before your pregnancy and it is normal if you have some troubles dealing with it. You need to be patient with yourself as many things that are happening to you are mostly because of hormones. If you want to see things how they really are, try to see yourself with your partner’s eyes.

The worst thing that you can do is to rush yourself. However, if several months go by without any improvement at all, you should talk with your gynecologist that can rule out any other potential causes for your low sex drive after pregnancy.