Pregnancy Symptoms before Missed Period-Are You Pregnant? 

Pregnancy Symptoms before Missed PeriodMany women suspect that they are pregnant only after they miss a period. In reality, there are a few signs or symptoms of pregnancy before a missed period that a woman could watch out for. Some women may experience pregnancy symptoms that may be similar to pre-menstruation symptoms.

Pregnancy symptoms before missed period include:

  • Nausea

Nausea or commonly known as ‘morning sickness’ is one of the early pregnancy symptoms before missed period. ‘Morning sickness’ will not only take place in the mornings, but at any time of the day. Some woman may experience nausea after every meal. Many women mistake nausea for a general stomach upset, hence failing to realize that it was actually a signal from nature indicating a woman is expecting.

  • Breasts feel extra tender and swollen

Breasts feeling extra tender and being slightly swollen is a common pre-menstrual symptom. Many women are used to it, and may not give much attention when they experience one. However, breasts feeling extra tender and swollen are also early symptoms of pregnancy before a missed period. 

  • Feeling unusually lethargic

During the earliest stage of pregnancy, the body is naturally preparing for the baby’s growth. Therefore, most of the mother’s energy is diverted to the uterine area and used up in preparation for the growing feotus. The mother, being drained out of energy will often feel lethargic. So, if you are feeling unusually lethargic, there are possibilities of you being pregnant.

  • Have sudden cravings for food

Craving for certain food is one of the common signs of pregnancy before period as well. If you find yourself carving for and liking certain food that you did not like in the past, then you might have chances of being pregnant.

  • Constipation

Constipation happens to be one of the earliest pregnancy symptoms before period. An increase in the progesterone level in a pregnant woman’s body will slow down the bowel movement, eventually leading to constipation.

  • Cramps

Having cramps around the pelvic area is common during menstruation. However, cramps around the pelvic area can also be understood as one of the pregnancy symptoms before missed period. A pregnant woman might experience cramps during the earliest stage of pregnancy when the embryo adjusts to attach itself to the uterus wall.

  • Dizziness

A drop in the blood sugar level in a pregnant woman’s body will certainly cause dizziness. It happens to be one of the early pregnancy symptoms before missed period. So, if you’re feeling unusually dizzy, you are most probably pregnant.

  • Having a strengthened sense of smell

When a woman is pregnant, her sense for smell will become extra proficient. The good sense of smell is caused by a rise in the estrogen level in a pregnant woman’s body. Hence, if you suddenly have a liking for certain odours while disliking some, then you’re most probably expecting.

These pregnancy symptoms before missed period are just guides to clarify certain doubts. However, to really make sure that a woman is pregnant, she should go to the doctor for a proper test.