Pregnancy Weight Gain Chart-How Much is Normal?

Pregnancy Weight Gain ChartPregnancy is the sweet matter that every woman wants in her life. But there have some kind of problematic matter in this time. Weight gain is one of them. When you get pregnant you must feel extra weight in your body. Then there have many question rise like why this kind of weight and how this happen? We are here for you to discuss your worried matter like Pregnancy weight gain chart.

Why extra weight?

Feeling more weight in the pregnancy time will be worries in the first time. There have some reason behind of it. Some part of your body getting changed. Your uterus, amniotic fluid and placenta are growing day by day and they need some space and it is one kind of reason of extra weight.

Baby has some weight

You carry the baby inside of you and that baby has some weight too. Your baby is growing inside of you and he adds some extra weight. Actually the baby development is depending on your weight gain and proper balancing on food. Pregnancy weight gain chart is very important here to know if the baby is growing properly or not.

Weight gain chart

You will see that you are gaining some weight in every week and you need to know where they go.

Here is a chart for your weight…

Breast 12 lbs
Baby 6-8 lbs
Blood 3-4 lbs
Amniotic fluid 2-3 lbs
Uterus 1-2 lbs
Placenta 1-2 lbs
Protein and fat storage 8-10 lbs
Body fluids 3-4 lbs

How much weight will gain in pregnancy time?

When a baby born, he has some weight like 6 or 7 pounds and you carried that baby in that long time. Approximately a pregnant woman gain minimum 8 kg and maximum 20 kg in the pregnancy period. If you have average 12 to 16 kg weight gain then you should feel safe.

Here is a chart by body mass index (BMI)

SL Pregnancy BMI
(Kg/m2 )
Category Weight gain range
(min-max) (lbs)
Weight gain range
(for twins) (lbs)
1 Below 18.5 Underweight 28-40 lbs  
2 18.5-24.9 Normal weight 25-35 lbs 37-54 lbs
3 25-29.9 Overweight 15-25 lbs 31-50 lbs
4 Above 30 Obese 11-20 lbs 25-42 lbs

Calculation of weight gain in pregnancy time

You need to calculate your weight gain in every week. For this you need to use the pregnancy weight gain chart by week. Now the question is how could you do it? At first you need to calculate your weight with the help of pregnancy weight gain calculator. Then you need to create a chart and put that calculation weight in there.

Why does pregnancy weight gain calculation and chart are important?

In the pregnancy time you need to care in every aspect. For this you need to calculate your weight gain. You need to know how much you are getting changed in every week. And you need to comparison this weight gain between previous week and the next week. You can do this comparison easily by using a weight gain during pregnancy chart.

Why does weight gain important?

Healthy weight for a pregnant woman is really important. If you have proper weight in mean time then your delivery and pregnancy period will be comfortable. You should never be in the range of underweight. It will be really bad for you and your bay. When you are in under age, the delivery will be difficult and there has a conscious about baby heath condition.

What is not recommended to do?

You may conscious about your body but in this crucial time you should go with the flow. One thing is very important to know that dieting in the pregnancy time can hamper in the long run. So you should forget about dieting in this time. You will get your wished body after the delivery. One last thing is that never be in the underweight. It will hamper you in the delivery time.

What will happen after the baby is born?

At first extra weight is a worried thing and then you may worried about the future. When the baby is born, what does happen to your weight? As it takes so much time to gain, so it will take some more time to lose. You need to eat in proper way and also do the physical activity according to the instruction. One thing is really important for you and it is breastfeeding can help you a lot. If you can maintain all of those then you can get your previous body back in no time.

So keep going with the weight gaining and be happy with that. It is not a worried matter or anything. You just keep believing and think about the delivery and obviously thin about your baby and bay’s health.