Top 8 Super Food for Dementia PeopleDementia is another name of a disorder called Alzheimer’s disease. People who suffer from Alzheimer will experience severe memory loss, anxiety, depression, aggression as well as behaviour issues. It is reported that there are more than 50% of senior people experience at least one to two symptoms of this disorder. It is said that diets are a significant key role in preventing Alzheimer. Therefore, you should consider consuming more of these foods to improve your brainpower as well as to eliminate the dementia.

Here are several natural foods that you should consume to enhance the brainpower and promote the function of the active mind, and subsequently prevent the symptoms of Alzheimer disease.

Here are the top 8 super food for dementia people:

  1. Vegetables

Those dark green and leafy vegetables are one of the best natural remedies for dementia people as they possess a strong power in controlling Alzheimer disease. Not only having powerful ability to manipulate Alzheimer, but vegetables also help to reduce the cognitive decline in senior, thereby lower the chance of getting Alzheimer. For example, broccoli and those cruciferous veggie are largely beneficial for you. Those dark leafy vegetables like spinach and kale are rich in nutrients that own strong ability to support health and control the symptoms. Since this veggie contain folate which helps to stop plaque deposition in the brain. Plus, it can enhance memory by the transportation of nerve impulses. As a result, remember to include this healthy vegetable in your diet to improve your brain power.

  1. Whole Grains

It is proven that whole grains are rich sources of nutrients that can be beneficial for Alzheimer patients. Plus, whole grain can help those patients to prevent other diseases like diabetes, hypertension or even stroke. Since canned food is unhealthy to consume, you should replace them with whole grains to control the brain functions more smoothly. Rice, bread or oatmeal are the major examples of whole grain food.

  1. Berries

Anthocyanin, a substance that is found in berries, is a beneficial nutrient which can prevent free radical devastation, thereby, producing protection to the brain. Plus, berries also contain polyphenol which is an anti – inflammatory property, thus it can enhance the function of central nerve system. In addition, there are rich nutrients found in berries, which can be beneficial for Alzheimer’s patients. Therefore, it is highly recommended that Alzheimer patients should consume more strawberries, raspberries or cherries.

  1. Turmeric

Not only it is a strong spice in culinary aspects, but turmeric can be effectively powerful treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. Since an incredible property named curcumin found in turmeric possesses power and ability to stop and manipulate Alzheimer. Therefore, it should be added into the diet.

  1. Beet Juice

The tasty and juicy beet juice has been proven to be effective in treating Alzheimer. They have found beneficial nutrients that can sufficiently stimulate blood circulation in the brain. It enhances the brain’s functions, strengthens the activity and sharpness of mind. Thus, it can block the symptoms of Alzheimer. Moreover, nitrate, a compound found in beet juice, is known to have an ability to unclog blood vessels and regulating the circulation of blood.

  1. Sweet Potato

Carotenoids have been shown to have a great impact against the devastation of brain cells. Furthermore, sweet potato also contains vitamin A which is a significant nutrient contributed in production and link of the central nerve cells. Thus it is suggested to add sweet potato into your daily diet to enhance your brain function as well as promote the active mind.

  1. Food that contain Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acid is proven to be healthy for the Alzheimer patients. It can enhance human well – being. Plus, it can promote the transmission of info through the nerve units as well as manipulate the symptoms of dementia effectively. Therefore, you should include those healthy and fatty fish such as salmon or sardines. Or else, if you are a vegetarian, you can add flax seeds or walnuts.

  1. Egg

Eggs yolk contain healthy cholesterol which is known to enhance the brainpower, promote the function of active mind as well as protect the central nerve system from damage. Those bad cholesterols can be neutralised by the lecithin found in eggs. Thus, you should add egg into your diet. Furthermore, those healthy cholesterol are sufficiently necessary for our body to function properly. But a small reminder for those who have high blood pressure or prone to heart diseases that they should not consume so many eggs in one meal as it can increase the chance of getting heart attacks and strokes as well.

Bio: Jelly Jeff is a senior editor of AuthorityRemedies; that a website which is specialised in providing natural home remedies, tips and also nutrition facts to improve the well-beings. She is a nurse but she is keen to explore nutrition and fitness. In addition, she loves writing and doing research. She appreciates to be a good writer in nutrition.