Why Does My Vagina Smell – Quick Solution

why does my vagina smellBefore we start talking about what can make your lady parts smell funny, there are some things that should be mentioned first. Try to forget all the misleading commercials and loaded supermarket shells with weird perfumes and strong intimate soups that suppose to make your lady parts smell like a flower. Many years they try to sell us products that are so bad for our intimate parts that they are usually causing problems where there isn’t any.

Why does my vagina smell?

Before you ask yourself “why does my vagina smell“, you have to know that it should smell, not like flowers dough. It is a well-balanced system of healthy bacteria that are keeping everything down there normal and clean at a healthy 4.5 PH. In this situation, all the smells are normal and changing during one month. I am also thinking about all the variations that may appear during your period, so as before and after.

However, any excess odors that are usually followed with pain, burning or itching should be a sign that something is wrong down there and that you should visit your doctor.

We all know how we smell, and if you start noticing that you started smelling different lately it doesn’t have to mean right away that you are dealing with vaginal yeast infection like Candida. It is a common female condition associated with intense itching, swelling, and irritation. We recommend trying the Clean Coochy All Natural “On the Go” Feminine Spray.

There are many things that can irritate your lady parts and make it change the usual smell.

If you are using intimate soup, maybe you should think about changing it. Even though strong fragrance soups and gels may irritate you and cause a bad odor, you can always try to mix some water with a baby soup. You don’t need anything that will mess up your vaginal PH balance, and strong and perfumed soups can make a lot of problems.

On the other hand, do not overdo it, and don’t douche unless the doctor tells you so. Many women think that this might help, but it can cause even bigger problems. The vagina is cleaning itself from the inside, which is why with douching you could kill all the bacteria that are protecting you from infections. Douching your vagina will affect your PH balance and that is why all the cleaning you need is on the outside of your body.

The delicate balance of your vagina, as we mentioned, is preserved with natural bacteria that can easily get disturbed. Therefore, it is important to follow these tips:

  • Practicing good hygiene means cleaning your lady parts with water and noninvasive soup, strictly outside of your body.
  • Do not douche and avoid hot baths and tubs.
  • Wipe yourself carefully and do not use any perfumes directly on your intimate parts (roughly six inches from the vulva area).
  • Make sure you wear fresh and cotton underwear, as it will help your skin breathe.

If your lady parts are constantly irritated and itching you may have the yeast infection. It can be caused by antibiotics, poor diet, weak immune system, lack of sleep, stress etc. In that case, visit your doctor.